Why you need to ditch being busy!

Why you need to ditch being busy! Flexispace, Sydney

Why you need to ditch being busy!

Why you need to ditch being busy!

“How have you been?” she said? “Busy!” he said. Does this exchange sound familiar to you?

In our modern world the differentiation between work life and personal life is more blurred than ever.

While it may be tempting to try and stay on top of your to-do list by being constantly attached to your mobile phone, the evidence is mounting that in order to be productive and perform at your best, you need to set clear boundaries.

According to Alan Riva, a respected business growth advisor, “busyness is a distracted state where we cannot access our most potent self in our work and careers.”

So how can you retain focus on being more productive, not merely busier?

Kate Ashford, a contributor for Forbes, shared her top tips for retaining focus and being as productive as possible during work hours. She suggests you:

1. Work in chunks.
2. Use a time tracker for each set task.
3. Know what time of the day you work best and work then.
4. Make a to-do list and stick to it during your designated work hours.
5. Keep time-suck temptations, such as social media, at bay.
6. Shut down alerts and notifications to avoid constant interruptions.
7. Start with the hardest task on your to-do list and get it done.
8. Stop reacting immediately to emails or messages, as back-and-forth communications results in lots of wasted time.

A shift in thinking
Times are changing and being busy is no longer considered to be a badge of honour, it’s all about productivity and achieving a sustainable work / life balance.

“We were raised to believe that being busy means being productive and is a sign of success, but that’s not actually the case,” Aya Tsintziras of Bolde said.

Gustavo Razzetti, who writes regularly for Psychology Today believes we should do fewer things, better.

“The secret of being productive lies in choosing what to do – and doing it right – instead of doing more and more. When you are busy, you don’t have time to think, reflect, or enjoy. You are running from one task to another without being present. Your mind needs space. Silence helps us reflect. Serendipity attracts new ideas. Distance brings perspective,” he said.

Convinced? We think there is a compelling case to switch your gaze from how much you can cram into a day, to how you can use your time most productively. We think this could make your work days more fruitful and your days off more joyful.

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