Why Sydney is THE place to work and play

Why Sydney is the place to work, Flexispace

Why Sydney is THE place to work and play

Why Sydney is THE place to work and play

Why Sydney is the place to work, Flexispace

People from far and wide flock to work and play in Sydney. As we enter the decade of the 2020s’ we think Sydney’s desirability as a destination for locals and visitors alike will only continue to grow.

Sydney is located in a prime position

Katie Chang, contributor for Forbes, wrote: “Bundle a multicultural population of over five million people, a dynamic culinary scene, and diverse landscape (imagine sandy, surf-friendly beaches hugging sleek high-rises), and you’ve got Sydney.”

Sydney’s CBD is bursting with attractive offerings for city professionals, locals and tourists. From iconic architectural buildings, luxury shopping destinations, art galleries, creatively fuelled festivals, theatres, some of the best bars and restaurants you will find anywhere in the world and career opportunities that are second-to-none; Sydney is clearly the place to be.

Martin Place has been described in the Sydney Morning Herald as “the ‘civic heart’ of Sydney. As home to the Reserve Bank of Australia, it is also a centre of business and finance.” 

Sydney’s geographical location and strong history as a hub for business and leisure, make it the ideal Australian city to stay in, long or short-term. 

According to City of Sydney sources, “Sydney is Australia’s gateway to Asia and the entry point to regional NSW. The Asia region accounts for over 63% of Australia’s two-way trade. Sydney is the destination of choice for international corporations, investors, tourists and students. It is the leading knowledge-based economy in Australia with significant strengths across a number of industries, including financial and professional services, international education, tech startups, tourism, retail, and creative and digital.”

Get out and about in Sydney

Securing the right venue is another essential element to staging a successful event. Sydney is a world-renowned destination for playing host to domestic and international business events.

According to statistics provided by the City of Sydney, “more than $108 billion is generated every year within the City of Sydney’s local area, which represents over 7% of Australia’s economy. Sydney possesses a range of important economic advantages and attributes, including strong clusters of high value industries and closely-linked sectors, international connections and a highly skilled pool of workers attracted to Sydney’s unique lifestyle.”

Work in Sydney’s CBD, the professional’s heartland

Matt Wade of The Sydney Morning Herald, reported that “over the past two decades Sydney’s economy has transformed into a knowledge-driven services powerhouse. By 2026 just three dynamic service industries – finance, professional services and information media and telecommunications – will together make up more than 40 per cent of the city’s economy.”

For inner-city Sydney professionals, work hours may be spent in premium office spaces, such as Flexispace, located at No.1 Martin Place, then out-of-hours the list of things to see and experience is endless.  

“Being located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD works for our Flexispace members and guests for lots of reasons, including:

  • They have access to a premium Sydney business address that reflects a polished, professional impression to their clients.
  • No.1 Martin Place office provides the ambience, facilities and technology that professionals need.

“The prime location enables our members to maximise their leisure time outside of work hours, as there are numerous array of dining, entertainment, retail and health and fitness offerings just steps from the office,” Rowena Young, Flexispace Director remarked. 

Broadsheet Sydney provides a well-respected and up-to-the-minute guide covering ‘What’s On’ in Sydney. Just a few of the Broadsheet Sydney team’s Sydney-CBD recommended locations include: 

In recent years, major investment has been committed to further enhancing Sydney’s public transport infrastructure, making the harbour city even easier to traverse for work and play. 

More than $2.8 billion is being spent to deliver the revolutionary Sydney Metro Northwest and City and Southwest program, which will have the capacity to move 40,000 people around the city an hour.  

Sydney’s new CBD Light Rail network opened to passengers in December last year, with services now operating from Circular Quay to Randwick. 

The future looks bright for Sydney

CityPulse Sydney, a PwC Australia report, states that “The next decade is crucial: through careful planning and the right investments, we can maintain and increase our global competitiveness while creating a more liveable, inclusive city that attracts the best talent.”

If you are looking to secure a flexible workspace solution in the centre of Sydney’s thriving CBD, contact the Flexispace team. They can accommodate professionals with everything from private offices to collaboration zones and large scale event spaces.

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