Charter Hall Customers

Coworking Space, Sydney

Charter Hall introduces Flexispace, a new initiative at No. 1 Martin Place

Flexispace is a co working solution for professionals and Charter Hall customers.
Flexispace provides Charter Hall customers with convenience and features found nowhere else in the market.

We listened when our valued customers told us they wanted a space in their building, where they could access flexible meeting, workspace and event areas.

Need a place to house a project team? Or some auditors? A new start-up or division? Maybe even visiting executives? We created a space to cater for all of this.

Flexispace also provides an extra venue in your building for training, major events, town hall meetings and team break-outs.

Visiting Sydney? We’ll help you settle into a comfortable space for your visit, or help you establish your footprint.

We also provide discounts to Charter Hall customers. Come see us today and let us show you around!